Thursday, August 14, 2008



Keecheongnium, Kc
Proton number : 1
Neutron number : 205
Electronic configuration : 1s1

§ Extremely reactive and highly explosive
§ Gives high amount of gamma rays when exposed to inert compounds
§ Able to form strong electrostatic forces with all elements
§ Able to determine the oxidation state of all the elements

Jessieum, Jc
Proton number : 3
Neutron number : 98
Electronic configuration : 1s22s1

§ Reactive and explosive when reacting to certain elements
§ Gives intermediate amount of beta particles when exposed to all compounds
§ Forms multiple bonds with all the elements
§ Forms shiny, and high refractive index crystal in crystalline form

Keithium, Kf
Proton number : 11
Neutron number : 100
Electronic configuration : 1s22s22p63s1

§ Reactive and explosive when reacting to certain elements
§ Able to form multiple bonds with other elements
§ Gives high amount of alpha particles when exposed to any elements

Sieweium, Sw
Proton number : 19
Neutron number : 210
Electronic configuration : 1s22s22p63s23p64s1

§ Extremely reactive and non-explosive
§ Gives ultra high amount of cosmic rays to all elements nearby
§ Able to give cooling effect when touched
§ Forms multiple ionic bonds with all the elements
§ Forms shiny, silver crystal when crystallized

Willium, Wl
Proton number : 37
Neutron number : 20
Electronic configuration : [Kr] 5s1

§ New element
§ Coloured metal with short melting and boiling point
§ Other properties still under research

Khailium, K
Proton number : 55
Neutron number : 5
Electronic configuration : [Xe] 6s1

§ Super strong reducing agent
§ Able to reduce the oxidation state of all elements except group 1 elements
§ Other properties still under research

The beginning of my life....

it all started when i was 5 years old... the year where my parent is separated... I was so sad at that time. i saw my parents fighting with each other, and i was unable to do anything but cry.

Then, at the age of 10, my father took me away from my mum. There, i was introduced to my stepmother... yeah, my stepmother... i was tortured so badly at that time.... She imposed so many rules upon me.... Only 5 minutes late in closing the windows will cause me to end up inside the toilet... where i'll be confined there for 1 hour. Some of my daily routine work also consist of brooming and mopping the whole house, slicing onions and vegetables for lunch, processing of prawn, chicken and fish meat, and many more. Every mistake that i made will be "rewarded" with a special punishment. It is really scary, and i always pray that i wont make any mistake on the day.... and this activity of torturing continues until i was in form 4.... where i took a big leap that has change my life all together.

When i was in form 4, i "ran" away from my home. i rent a room at a mosque just beside my school. Fortunately some of the imams there supported my life and my studies - before i became completely bancrupt. There, i lived alone.... confined inside my room.. no one to talk to an no one to depend and express my feeling to. I was so lonely that i'll cry every day before i sleep. My parents never ever hug me, they didnt bring me to any picnics or vacation. Am i really that abnormal to have a happy family?... everytime i see other children being hugged and touched by their parents, i'll feel that i'm an alien and i should rather be dead when i was born. this feeling of depression overpowered me until i finished my SPM. Then, i started my journey as a teacher.... i mean a "tuition" teacher la... i teach many of my juniors and they'll pay me. i'm extremely good at teaching, and i use this ability to generate some side income. Finally, my SPM result was out, and i scored 8A1 and 3A2. I'm not quite happy with the result, though. i think i could get a better result. But it is my fate, and the destiny forced me to enter form 6, where a new era of my life began.

In form 6, i met a generous old man, Tuan Haji Thasleem bin Ibrahim. He has helped me by funding my tuition fee, rent and give me some pocket money every month...though it's not enough to sustain my life.

The first day i entered my class, i was so scared..... scared of girls actually... i never had a friend who is a girl before. for me, i think that girl has no defects, they're "immortal", and what they do is correct and alwys will be correct. Then, one day, i was sitting at a corner, alone, doing my maths, and the first girl to come and greet me is Ng Jia Vern. She asked me to solve a maths question, which i'm really good at solving it. so, we become very close as time passes by. We always be together, in practical, when studying, and even in the sports. Until, one day, a "monster" came to my class and started to create havoc. The Master of all the Monsters, Lau Chee Hong, came to make my life misery. he always ejek me and jia vern as husband and wife.. though we're actually just a best friend... and then one day, jia vern hurt my feeling so badly.... and there, i was all alone again. my friendship for her is not same as before... i hate her a bit la.... but as we move on... we became a good friends again.

At the maths tuition, i met an extraordinary teacher. His name is Mr. Goh. He always talk to me and sometimes make fun of me too.. i love him so much that, i anggap him as my father... there, i meet a new girl.... her name is Syafiqah. i'm actual not so sure about how i first know her, but one thing that i know is, it all started from Mr. Goh's prank.... As she and i are the only muslims in the class, Mr. goh always try to "jadi"kan a relationship between us. i finaly started to feel interested in her... i mean as a friend....and started to message her everyday....

By messaging her i wont feel lonely.... i always message her and wait fo her reply anxiously.... i afraid that she'll ignore me, that's why... we finally became, a very best friend....and again the Master of all the Monsters came and create gossip between me and her and started to spread it among all his "monsters".... Our name started to become popular... I think that, the catalyst for the popularity is my intelligence. That's because, i'm recognised by all the students, by my abillty to score high marks in mathematics, chemistry and biology. So this thing spread very easily, that is, more easily and deadly than the spread of a virus pandemic. be continued.....

-About me-

Who am I? I'm an abnormal guy with a lots of secret hidden inside me... yeah.. it's hidden... maybe you'll be surprised if i tell you that i've created a robot which i name it as T-1....and i did some experiment with chemical compound that went violent and almost burned my house... I'm also very good in creating viruses (i mean computer virus) that has gone chaotic and causes failure in my school network. well, all these happen a long long time ago.